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Improve Efficiencies with SecuritasConnect

SecuritasConnect is a powerful web-based security management system that offers everything you need to improve the efficiency of your security program and enhance the performance of your team. With no software or hardware to install, you're on your way to sound decision-making and streamlined security operations.

What can SecuritasConnect do for me?

SecuritasConnect is a security management tool that helps you better manage security operations, promote efficiencies, and plan for the future. Manage your information online through dynamic reporting, visitor management, real-time situation awareness...

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What is an On-Site Guard Management System?

On-Site Guard Management System is a site security management tool that provides helpful reports such as exception status, incident status, and daily activities all accessible by logging onto SecuritasConnect. Electronic searchable records support...

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Is remote monitoring right for me?

World-class remote monitoring systems improve site protection, providing immediate incident alerts and enabling rapid response.

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Tell me about the dynamic reporting tools.

SecuritasConnect analytics & reporting tools allow for data collection, analysis, trends, and metrics capabilities for continuous performance improvement. You can mitigate risk through incident analysis, analyze data to identify trends, patterns, and...

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What is Pinkerton Vigilance?

The Pinkerton Vigilance incident & trend data monitoring system is a cloud-based, 24/7, 360-degree situational awareness and risk aggregation service that gathers data and evaluates threats relevant to your specific interests. The visual dashboards can be...

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How can SecuritasConnect help me manage my security procedures?

With SecuritasConnect you can view post orders and tours, review activity and incident reports, and get alerts in real time, enabling you to seamlessly manage procedures for any location.

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